Shiparc.AI provides interactive data analytics and training platform to reduce risk to seafarers and to enhance your fleet’s HSE performance.

From increasing the crew’s HSE involvement to delivering insightful analyses, Shiparc.AI brings a seamless multi-device experience that promotes the overall safety of your crew, assets and of the marine environment.

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    Hazard Reporting

    Provides the crew easy access to report hazards and incidents through a simplified digital format available on any electronic device (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc).

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    Training & Development

    Launch HSE training programs, health bulletins and safety flashes based on the in-app leading / lagging indicator analysis and accessed by the crew through a digital library.

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    Rewards & Incentives

    Motivates the crew to actively engage in the company’s HSE enhancement program by using an employee recognition and digital reward mechanism.

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    Maritime Quiz

    Enabling HSE knowledge retention of the crew through personalized “learning reinforcement” done on a periodical basis.


Gives the crew the option to access Shiparc.AI through the web portal instead of using the mobile app


The mobile app has been designed to provide full functionality even when there is no internet access. This is achieved through a device that stores data from the users in an off-line mode and transmits the data to the server whenever on-line access is restored.

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    Real Time Statistics

    At a click of a button, statistics of all data points obtained from ships are available as they are reported, identifying the leading and the lagging indicators across the fleet.

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    Interactive Dashboard

    Shiparc.AI gives you instant access to a wide range of lifesaving insights by exploring digital data sets obtained from your fleet, through a personalized dashboard and graphical representations.

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    In-depth analysis

    Provide a platform to collate data and drive the AI enabled predictive model which will be able to accurately identify the real risks of incidents and highlight them, empowering companies to manage risks, avoid loss of life and damage to their vessels.

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    Customized Summaries

    Generate HSE summary reports and present data analyses in personally formatted templates.